Mirosław Sołtysiak


Using banking services is an everyday and popular phenomenon for Polish educated youth
aged 20 or so. They fully understand that the lack of their own bank account may contribute
to their financial exclusion and therefore influence their quality of life. For this reason these
bank clients are characterised by high banking competences.
Representatives of the group in question tend to focus on the convenience and cost minimisation
while choosing their bank. Considering the bank’s choice they mainly pay attention to its
distribution chain, in particular the number of cash dispensers, as well as the location of its
outlets. Next, the customers are affected by the recommendations of relatives or close people
around them. Majority of the youth already own their bank account with online services’ access
and the cost of such account does not normally exceed 5 PLN.
Finally, the bank’s choice made by the young people is more dependent on the opinion of their
relatives or friends rather than the bank’s advert or the bank attendants’ recommendations.
Key words: bank, banking (current) account, young clients

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Porównanie wybranych elementów polskiego systemu płatniczego z systemami innych krajów

Unii Europejskiej za 2013 r. Departament Systemu Płatniczego, Warszawa 2014, www.nbp.


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Humanities and Social Sciences - Quarterly, Volume XIX, Research Journal 21 (3/2014)

Sołtysiak M., Raport z badań Bankowość internetowa – świadomość i preferencje młodych ludzi – etap II. Rzeszów 2015 - maszynopis

Sołtysiak M., Preferencje młodych klientów banków w zakresie bankowości internetowej. –

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